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Live event and conference hosting

From events at Buckingham Palace for a select few to conferences for 12,000, hybrid events, award ceremonies and global events; Angela’s experience gives her a relaxed, confident yet friendly style that audiences truly warm to…which is why she is so often asked back to host events year after year.

Nine years of live streaming experience

Angela started live streaming in 2015 and, with a 5m x 5m dedicated studio space with permanent green screen wall, lights, cameras & microphones and even an onsite production crew, hosting anything from a panel discussion to an international conference is easily possible…even during a full covid lockdown!


Here's a few clips of Angela in action...

Hosting Nuclear 22

Hosting Big Science 22, Granada

Hosting Ericsson's 5G Talks

Hosting Money 20/20 Europe, Copenhagen

Hosting Western Gateway Powerhouse conference, 2022

A trailer video for Big Science Business Forum 22, Granada

Interviewing and hosting the BP Technology Outlook podcast series

Hosting the Sound Advice LIVE! shows

Hosting the Big Science Business Forum, Copenhagen

Making sense of complexity

Whilst working with Angela, several organisations working in areas such as fusion energy, sustainability and artificial intelligence to name just a few, commented that it was hard to find a film production company that really understands them, so Angela formed Chaos Films; a company dedicated to making sense of complexity with down to earth, engaging films, regardless of the subject matter.

Never…until the day I die!

Back in 1994, on my Radio 4 show “The Network”, I predicted that we could be shopping online for our groceries by 1999.  I didn’t think that was a very controversial thing to say, but it netted me 4 bags of hate mail, the most vitriolic item including the line “You...

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