Live streaming

7 years of live streaming experience (and yes, this studio is onsite, so even a lockdown means international conferences can go ahead)

Our thanks are due to you for once again manning the helm so brilliantly.  We love the mix of professionalism and fun that you bring to the event and are thrilled with how it went.

Helen Martin

Conference Organiser, Virus Bulletin

I cannot cease being amazed with Angela’s fantastic performance as the conference host. She was extremely well prepared and had a very good understanding of the subject. She  intelligently explored the topics with the speakers through her questions, but also through a very skilled involvement of the audience. One of my worries for moving the conference online was that the audience would not feel engaged, but BEYOND 2020 was one of the best audience-engaging conferences I have ever experienced.

Izabela Kurkowska

Conference Organiser, BEYOND 2020

Ericsson 5G Talks

Filmed at Ericsson’s HQ in Stockholm and also in Reading, UK, the Ericsson 5G Talks started in 2022 and explore 5G’s capabilities in terms of the amount of data, how it can be sliced, improved environmental credentials and the potential for better user experiences.

Sound Advice LIVE!

The cutting edge HiFi show where independent reviewers take a look at the latest and greatest in HiFi, TV and home cinema and tell it like it is…  Sound Advice LIVE! started in 2022 and new episodes appear bi-monthly.


BEYOND 2020 was an international sustainability conference originally designed as a live event in Gothenburg, but due to the pandemic, organisers decisively switched it to online, based at Angela’s studio and broadcast by Chaos Films.  Attended by over 2000 people and with over 70 speakers from 5 continents, the event was a roaring success.

VB2020 and VB2021

Originally planned as live events for Dublin and Prague, these conferences were successfully transferred online…including socials, engagement and lots of laughs!

Cybersecurity Summit

The Kaspersky Lab cybersecurity summit, 2018

Pearson Diversity in Science event

The Pearson Diversity in Science streamed panel discussion explored how diversity in STEM can be improved, with particular emphasis on access to STEM in education and employment for those with disabilities.

Live stream? Hybrid? Not sure? Let's chat.

Angela started online and live streamed events over 7 years ago, both in front of the camera and as a producer.  So if you’re not quite sure what shape your event will take, or how to engage your audience and make their time feel really well spent, then let’s chat.

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