The last thing you want at a live event is a stale, boring compere...and that’s the last thing Angela is.

Her only aim is for your audience to go home having thoroughly enjoyed the event and for the host organisation to be so pleased they ask her back again and again.

Her style is engaging, self-effacing, professional, yet enjoyable.  And she has a clever way of looking at things from a different, and interesting, perspective.  So next time you need an audience to feel informed, engaged and entertained at the same time, you know who to call.

Angela’s events include opening National Science Week, BA Science Festival, BBC Big Bash, BBC Tomorrow’s World Live, BCS “Hot Topics” debate, Bosch “Technology Horizons” debate, Cadbury’s Great Egg Race, Cisco World Matchplay, EMC’s “record-breakers” mega-launchOrange’s B2B roadshow, The Faraday Lectures, IEE Today’s Engineers, Salters Festival of Chemistry and The Royal Tournament