Angela is popular for her intelligent but down-to-earth presentation style.  She has presented from BBC Television Centre, Buckingham Palace, the top of a volcano in Japan and from a fishing boat in a force 8 gale (whilst doing her own sound recording, as the sound man was out of action below decks).

Her subjects have included inventions, physics, maths, technology, biology, ecology (and many other ‘ologies’, in all of which she sounds an expert, even if she isn’t).

Broadcast credits:

BBC1 “It’ll Never Work?” (six years, sold worldwide).  BAFTA & RTS award winner.

BBC2 “The Physical World”

BBC Knowledge “Science Fix”

C5 “Fragile Planet”

BBC Radio 4 “The Network” (six years)

BBC Radio 4 “Ground Control”

BBC Radio 4 “The Invention of Baby”

BBC Radio 4 “Science Now”

BBC World Service “Soundbyte”

BBC 5-Live “Eternal Youth”

BBC 5-Live “The Acid Test”

The Faraday Lecture