About Angela

Over the last nineteen years, Angela has presented on TV, radio, new and ‘old’ media, live events, awards, conferences and even a couture fashion show.  She has voiced videos, documentaries, adverts and CD-ROMs and has ‘polished’ other speakers, too.  She is probably best known for “It’ll Never Work?”, which ran for six years on BBC1 with viewing figures of around 4 million. “It’ll Never Work?” has now been sold worldwide and has collected a gaggle of gongs including a BAFTA and two RTS awards.

After school, Angela gained a 1st-class degree in IT and worked for several companies as a systems analyst & IT manager, including IBM.

Angela loves her job and has a zest for life in general.  She’s just as happy whether she’s hosting a conference on nuclear fusion, shooting an interview, pottering around the garden or sailing in the Caribbean. A ‘closet’ DJ, she has an offbeat sense of humour and aims to eventually become an eccentric nonagenarian who still sails the Med.

5 things you maybe didn’t need to know about Angela:

  1. She was very nearly christened Rhododendron (yes, really)

  2. She has an IQ of 150 and is a member of MENSA, the high IQ society

  3. She paid her way through uni by modelling for the likes of Levi’s and Dior

  4. She’s practised yoga since she was 14 (you’d think she could do it by now)

  5. She was BG’s youngest ever female senior manager (at 25)